Meet the team...                           

Tom Jackson


"My Heart & Passion thrive in this industry, the all round vibe, the people and just being able to do what I love makes SG what it is! & this whole experience one in a million."

Benjamin Richard Evans


"8 Years of back to back seasons and I need some fuel. I, like many of you are tired of fueling my body with over priced, over rated energy products. I'm ready to pull the pin and make the change."

Ally Collins


"Having a passion within the nutrition industry & being able to express it through Snow Grenades, to an industry that is new & exciting to me is a great experience & an absolute privilege." 

Sarah Stephenson


"WOW, what a mental opportunity to be part of such a forward thinking, developing brand! I know, what you hard charging, cliff popping, back flipping sport goers need! because I was and still am a seasonaire just like you. SG has captured my imagination and together we have so much to offer." 

Fueling your body the SG way
— snow grenades